Have to cope with an evil….

Many a times God puts us in a situation where we Have to be defensive… Goodness and honesty gets defeated There..!

(Feels like God is punishing for my sins by putting these ones in my life….)

                😦 😦

There are some too MEAN PEOPLE…..with whom love, affection, true warmth just doesn’t work…!!

The first step we take is to avoid that one…

But everyone is not lucky enough to get rid of them

What to do
》 when you can’t avoid an evil…??
》when it is compulsory to deal with that one?? no matter how you feel….!!

Tit for tat is the only option left….

¤ Do not hesitate to behave the same..
    It is ok to point out his/her shortcomings….make sure you are not lying…!

¤ That one doesn’t deserve sympathy..
      Obviously lack of sympathy for an abuser is commplleetly natural and OK….!! No need to feel guilty…

¤Not to become the same
     Remember that you ARE NOT DEFENSIVE by nature…don’t be an EVIL.!!!! Its just your compulsory task…

¤Anger is natural…
     It the biggest challenge to keep calm when dealing with an abuser….ITS OK If you get angry often…focus on calmness…

¤Don’t loose hope
     Believe me…only truth wins at the end….If you are not having bad intention …U will win for sure…

¤Remember..its not your choice
       Do not feel guilty for behaving like ENEMY…it is only with that one…. with good ones you are not defensive…..its his/her choice….not yours….!! 😦

¤Stay good…
     Here you just need to BEHAVE mean….but make sure you don’t become one…

¤Pray to God
     If you are GOOD AT HEART,  it will be the MOST difficult task for you to ‘Behave without empathy’….. Ask the almighty God for the energy…

   → It is always PAINFUL to live life as if fighting a battle…..
  But trust me…. for some people it is inevitable…Juat be with yourself..
     Wish you a confidant life…! 🙂

A letter to husbands…

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Dear Husbands,
I’ve heard from your wife—she needs your attention.She tells me she’s lonely. She feels isolated and ignored. Her life is wrapped around children, work, and/or household chores. She used to feel in love with life, and in love with you, but now she feels worthless and uninteresting. She feels like she’s forgotten how to have fun. Depression and anxiety trap her in a cycle of stress and she can’t seem to snap out of it. Howdid this happen? Why can’tshe become the woman she once was?If you think back, you remember how she was at the beginning of your relationship. She cared about how she looked and tried hard to please you. You miss the girl you first fell for. Well, I can tell you this: she misses her too. She has matured and grown, but she longs for the days when you couldn’t wait to see her. She recalls being carefree and full of life. She can’t tell exactly when everything changed, but she knows she’s not the same. She knows something is missing.The thing is, she has been really busy taking care of everything, for everyone, allthe time. She has barely anything left to give. She’s tired. Maybe she has lost hope. Instead of giving up on her, exchanging her, or simply ignoring her, you can bring her back by turning your heart towards her. You pursued her once—you can do it again.You were the one who gave her butterflies. She chose to be with you because you made her happy. She gave you the gift of herself. What have you been doing with this gift? She needs to know that you still choose her. What is your priority these days? Watching sports? Video games? Work? If youplace all of these things above your wife, and then wonder why she seems depressed and boring, thenyou need a wake up call. Don’t give up on her.With God’s help, you have the power to peel back the layers of insecurity that envelope your precious wife. I encourage you to look at her and ask yourself how you can encourage her. Marriage is an ever changing, life-long process. There are ups anddowns. There are exciting moments and there are dry emotional deserts that seem to stretch on for miles. But if your wife has lost her zeal, don’t chalk it up as lack of discipline or passion. You might have toforce her to take a break and do something fun together. Send her a text in the middle of the day just to tell her you’re thinking ofher. Touch her hand while you drive down the road. Bring home her favorite snack. Tell her she’s beautiful. One small gesture can spark tremendous change in her heart and life. She still needs the butterflies, not just grocery lists and carpooling!Scripture tells us that where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21). Make your wife a treasure again and watch your heart follow. Don’t be discouraged if she doesn’t respond right away. She might feel so disconnectedthat it could take some perseverance on your part. Once you capture your wife’s heart again, and she believes you want and loveher, you will be amazed at the joy you will feel with that intimate connection. Itis true that women who feel loved are prettier! Happy women glow, and their God given, beautiful features become even more beautiful.Take care of the gift that was given to you. She needs you to choose her each day. Watch her respond with love, and see the woman God created emerge before your eyes.

With love,Michelle

How would you react….?tell me..

Hello friends..!
     In my posts I share my perspective on positive ways to cope with negativity…..
         Well…anger is an undivided part of life….
am not gona discuss all the lengthy stuff ..! 😦

    Today I want to know your perspective…
how would you react in this situation..???

Let us discuss the incident I witnessed…..
→One person is talking over mobile phone to someone…arguing over some issue…. seems very irritated, angry….suddenly the tone goes high…he gets frustrated,very muchh…… disconnects the call In the middle of the discussion and forcefully slams the cell phone on the glass table…!!

(Normal scenario till yett….)

At the same time a family member comes to him frowning….and scolds him…..
“why did u slam the phone? It might have been broken…the glass table might have been damaged…!! can’t u understand it??…. you should not do this…”    
That lady is still angry with the young man…. for his reacting this way…!


  She didn’t even ask him the reason….not even told him not to get angry….nothingggg except
She asked him not to slam the phone….!! not to damage things….thats all…!!!

What would you guys do if you would be in place of the lady??


Blogger Recognition Award

Hello everyone…!
I am nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award..! 🙂

happyy….Thank u The learnify(Aki) for nominating me..!! 🙂

   My journey as a blogger
     I like writing from my school days….
used to write down my thoughts…. Joined the blogging world some time ago … 🙂
    Was lazy in writing posts initially…! 😉 as I started meeting my writer friends on the WordPress….It gave inspiration to write…..

   And thanks for the likes and comments everyone..! 🙂 🙂
it is always encouraging to get them from competent writers….!
    Yehh…am enjoying it…! 🙂 all in all very good till yet..

Advice for other bloggers
   (Me ? ADVICE ?  anywayy…..its a rule 😉 😉 …!! )

 → Keep working on developing wider perspective…..! 🙂
It will reflect in whatever you write…! 🙂 🙂

→Keep on meeting new bloggers….and take real interest in their writing….and if u r commenting on a post,be genuine…! 🙂

Nominate the deserving ones…
Vibhash[ http://ruralvoicesblog.wordpress.com]

Thank you so much Aki for considering me for the Award….! feels good..! 🙂



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Fear: Turn ur enemy into friend! :)

    Hello dear readers…! 🙂
    Am back…with another article ….on another emotion, FEAR….!!

        How do u feel while entering  the exam hall of ur weakest subject?…..
orr…entering the interview room for the job you are desperate about?
or I say…..or proposing the girl you love..?¿ [Spe if she is your best friend..! 😉 ]
     Unsure…unconfidant…..and……Fearfull… . . .

Afraid of the consequences. …!  
   That is fear. ..
   ‘ It is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.’
This is how google describes..

we want to keep oneself safe from that damage….! the threat can be real or imaginary…rational or irrational.

[irrational fear= phobia. we’ll talk about it later. ]

     Many a times it prooves to be our biggest hurdle in success….just coz we can’t overcome it….

Having fear doesn’t make you caward, running away from it…not facing it certainly makes.!
   Not facing your fear can become your biggest weakness. ..   😦

  When u need to win the battle…..u must know ur enemy first…! Let us……

  ¤ Why do we feel afraid?
       It is a natural indication of possible threat….harm, pain or any danger….!
  we are unsure or just don’t want to go through the undesirable or difficult to bear types consequences. .. . .

¤Is it there for a good cause?
  In most cases. .(except phobia)..it is not that bad to have it..
    we need to understand that it is only there for betterment. .. …just to notify us that in this particular thing u need to pay extra attention. .!! to do more work on it for gaining surity….!!

¤Healthy way to cop with it???
       To learn, understand and do  efforts…in the proper direction….Is the only healthy way I find to deal with it….
   we have fear of unknown. ..so knowing it will automatically discard the fear…..
  Actually we can use it as PERSONAL PERFECTION TOOL….

¤just pay attention to it….

¤act sufficiently. ..
> that is called facing it..!

Not really that simple….

will be back soon on this topic…..stay tuned…..till then  🙂  🙂



DO U GET JEALOUS? heyy…same pinch…!! me too.. :)

Hello Readers…!!

We have felt insecurity. ..we become insecured of someone at some point of life…..
at the moment the first thing we feel Is jealousy. …yess……
…..It is  natural tendency…..we all feel it….nothing to be ashsmed of……nothing to hide. …..


sooo…the Question is

What If I got jealous of someone. ..??



In which we ‘TRANFORM’ it is an IMPORTANT thing..

In other words…. HOW WE REACT AFTER BEING INSECURED is the thing….!!!

there is nothing wrong in feeling insecured of anyone……. DOING HARM TO SOMEONE BECAUSE OF JEALOUSY IS WRONG……

It should only be taken as salt in a meal…..Being driven by it is a SIN…..taking any destructive step because of it is not acceptable at all……


It takes about SOME MINUTES to follow three SIMPLE steps…   🙂 🙂

notice it WHITHIN YOU when it emerges soon as possible…..

   immediately. ….stop thinking about demeaning the person. ..STOP THE REVANGE PLANNING….

  do anything that makes u feel happy….read, write, sing, dance, cook, crafting. ..DO SOME WORK OF YOUR CHOICE……EXCEPT COMPLAINING……!!!

Innitially this exercise will take a few minutes…..then after practicing each time u need….will make it your habbit….obviously a good one….!!